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The Who’s who of Lincoln City 1993-2016 was the perfect Christmas present for anyone that supports Lincoln, and it made a great stocking filler at just £13.99 per copy. If Santa didn’t bring you the book, fear not. Instead of being a good girl or boy all year (boooo), why not just buy it yourself and then go out and get smashed, not caring that the big guy in the red suit is judging you?

It features not only every player to have represented the club in competitive games since 1993, but also an exclusive interview with former Imps striker Gijsbert Bos. It also has a foreword written by none other than Mr Lincoln City himself, Grant Brown.

It not only looks at the players but in some instances I give my honest opinion on some of the misfits and failures who have sadly graced our hallowed turf. From Simon Yeo to Drewe Broughton, Jefferson Louis to Gomez Dali and Peter Gain to Ben Hutchinson, I find something to say about each and every player we’ve seen in a Imps shirt in the last 23 years.


If you want to know which former Imp represented the England Disability team, or went on to manage an X Factor winner then now is your chance. It is an irreverent and honest personal appraisal on all of the players who have woven the rich tapestry of Imps history since Ian and Donald Nannestad last chronicled our former players over twenty years ago.

Basically if you’re a Lincoln City fan, this is the book for you. Send the link to your loved ones. If you know a Lincoln City fan, chances are they would love to see this in their stocking on Christmas day. I’m not sure friends of Drewe Broughton or Ben Hutchinson will be too pleased with it though!

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