About Me

I’m Gary  and for over thirty years now I’ve been supporting Lincoln City.

My current projects include writing four separate books about Lincoln City, maintaining this blog and editing the Imps fanzine Deranged Ferret.

Once upon a time I was the official Sky Sports blogger for The Imps, before they slipped out of the league. I’ve been published in the Observer and Sporting Life and I used to run the lincolncity-mad website.  I have written for Vital Lincoln City, the Echo and the match day programme at various times.

I also helped resurrect the Deranged Ferret for a couple of digital editions in 2011 and have recently brought it back into print after a decades absence.

I’m a keen writer basically. I can’t make it pay though so I do have a day job which involves selling and managing people and stuff like that. Real stuff.

I stopped writing about the club for a long while, but I recently decided I wanted to start again. So here it is, my Lincoln City blog. I’ll try and post something new every week as well as adding features and pages. I hope you enjoy it, please do share the articles if you think they’re any good.

In October 2016 I was honoured and thrilled to have my blog voted as a finalist at The Football Blogging Awards of 2016 in the Best New Blog category. By November 18th we’ll know if we’ve won or not!

You can follow me on Twitter if you so desire. @staceywestblog



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Enjoying your blog Gary. Do you take requests like a DJ? If I had your creative writing ability (and access to social media beyond an old LinkedIn account) then I would do a piece on how we are in danger of getting like Man City a few years back. No – keep with me on this – I know we don’t have loads of cash. But, do you recall how years of disappointment and near misses corrupted the minds of the (other) City fans? They were used to the routine of conceding last minute goals and suffering indignities (a famous one delivered by you know who!) They always feared the worst. When winning the Premiership they never really believed it would happen. Their points gap started to narrow. Then on the last game of the season against QPR they were throwing it away. Fans nodded in the crowd as if to say “I told you so”; “this is our destiny – to lose”. And then something amazing happened – cue Martin Tyler… Anyway, can’t you feel it happening? When I get my BBC app winking at me telling me that there has been a goal in a Lincoln match, you know what I assume don’t you? When we are losing 2-1 at FGR and I am freezing and depressed, you know my thought process – City don’t get last minute goals.. Well, just like those Man City fans, I am wrong. This just doesn’t “feel” like a normal Imps side. We might just have to get used to the “new normal”.

    There – take this as my starter for 10 and run with it.



  2. Gary. Time to do more investigating. Who won manager of the month for November? DC won it for October, but the November winner just hasn’t been announced as far as I can see. Did the league just forget? Our form in November was even better. Should have been between DC and Cox of Barrow. Or have I missed something?


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