Stand up for Bradley

The football world has been rallying around a young man called Bradley Lowery this week in a show of solidarity for the terminally ill youngster.

Bradley suffers with neuroblastoma which is a cancer of the nervous system. He’s just five years old.

Last year he went into remission after a two year battle, but sadly in July of this year it came back, and he has just months to live. One of his final wishes is to receive as many Christmas cards as he can. The campaign has gone viral with thousands pouring into his Hartlepool home over the past few days.

Lincoln City have become involved, the players have signed a card and some additional memorabilia will be sent out to him. The man behind driving the Imps involvement is Darrell Roberts, a City fan.

Darrell contacted me earlier in the week to let me know he was trying to organise a standing ovation for Bradley at the home game with Tranmere this weekend. In the fifth minute of our top of the table clash he wants Imps fans to stand up and applaud, chant and cheer to celebrate the bravery of this incredibly tough young man.

Fighting cancer is tough at any stage of your life, but at just five years old I can’t even comprehend how hard it must be. Young Bradley has barely begun to experience all the good things life has to offer, and I think it would be a nice gesture if Imps fans were to honour him in any way we can.

So in the fifth minute of the game, shortly after Nathan Arnold’s opener for Lincoln, make sure you stand up and applaud Bradley Lowery, a boy who has fought harder in his five years than most of us do in a life time.



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