Lincoln City Books – Which would you buy?

Some of you may be aware but I am quite keen on writing. For many years I’ve been working on a project or two and I’m finally getting my arse into gear and publishing a book. Or two.

I’ve got four in my mind with one almost complete and another started recently. I’m really hoping you’d be kind enough to take the survey below and help point my energy in the right direction.

I’m interested to know which (if any) you’d buy and a couple of other things.

The books I am looking at writing are as follows:

The Who’s who of Lincoln City, 1993-2016

This is intended as a lose companion to Ian and Donald Nannested’s book that dealt with the era up to 1992. It will be very factual with data and a small write up on everyone to feature for Lincoln in the last 24 years.

The Mascot Diaries

This is my almost finished story of Lincoln City and my experiences as Poacher. It’s covers both topics, how I fell out of love and back in love with the club through Poacher, and a few funny bits thrown in for good measure. However it will also have analysis as to how we’ve fallen so far and how we’re rising again.

The Season Review 2016/17

This I’m planning to release as a test for self publishing. My main focus has been my mascot book, but in order to ensure it’s as well presented as possible I want to publish something smaller first. This will be a collection of my blogs mixed in with some new material written as the season progresses. Probably throw some photo’s in as well.

Complete Lincoln City History

I’ve always wanted to write a definitive history from start to now. I haven’t given it much thought but if my writing goes well I might give it a go.

Please give me your thoughts on the survey below.


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