That’s right folks, if you’ve missed out on issue one of the re-launched DF then I’m afraid your luck is just about out.

There are just a handful of copies left which have been put on Ebay – we’ll post a link shortly.

Thank you to everyone who has bought it, and special thanks to everyone who took the time to speak to me at the Sutton game with nice comments about it. we’re relieved that it seems to have gone down really well, and shortly we’ll be doing another survey to try and gauge what you liked and what you didn’t.

Work on Issue Two stats soon and we’re already after your articles and thoughts. The email address is derangedferret16@gmail.com and all submissions will be considered. Anything we don’t use will either be saved or used here on the DF bit of my blog.

We ploughed over £350 into the crowd funder and will be putting a little bit more in before the deadline which is great news. We haven’t launched DF as a way to make money for the club, but it is nice to be able to help out the new managers in some way.

Issue two is shaping up nicely as well. We’ve already announced that we’ve got Marcus Stergiopolous to give an interview about the Imps side of the early 2000’s, and we’re oping to have a current player on board as well. There will be more from the 617 lads as well as a variety of other articles. We’re even hoping for a Sports Stadium Architect to give us the pro’s and cons of a ground move!

Congratulations to Gaz ‘Gambler’ Ambler who will be joining us in the executive Boxes for our Bank Holiday clash with Gateshead. He was the lucky person who liked and shared our status on Facebook recently. We’ve got many more prizes to give away in Issue 2 that will only be available if you buy DF!

I’d like to end with a massive thank you to everyone who has helped get this first issue out and into peoples hands. Special mention to Mike Downs who has been selling on match days for us, I may enjoy editing etc but ‘in your face’ sales is not something I do well but Mike has done us proud. Without people like him Ben, Ian and I couldn’t make this happen.

Right I’m off to write Issue Two. 


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