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Yeah I know it’s getting boring now. We’ve talked about the fanzine, you know it’s coming. I expect you’re bored by reading about it all the time.

I bet you wouldn’t be bored if it was an interview with Bradley Wood you were reading would it? I expect that would make for a good read. Well that’s one of the great features we can offer in the new DF coming out in time for the first friendlies.

That’s right, you’re interested now aren’t you? However we need our subscribers! So once again, here is how to subscribe:

You can send us payment through PayPal using our email address,

You can post me a cheque, Deranged Ferret, 1 North Farm Cottages, Withcall, Louth, LN11 9QY.

That’s it. I suppose you can send cash recorded delivery if you wanted to.

The cost is £18 and that includes postage to your UK address. Overseas subscribers may need to stump up a bit more, I’m investigating. For your hard earned money you get four issues throughout the season.

This is the only way to get hold of my exclusive interview with the triple crown winning full back with his heart on his sleeve. That’s only a couple of pages of content that you can get delivered to your door in time to see Danny Cowleys first match in charge of the club. So get on PayPal or get the cheque writing pen out and subscribe to DF!!


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